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Safety with Piped Systems

Many organisations are reducing the risks of manual handling accidents involving large gas cylinders by installing piped systems in their workplace.

These systems allow facilities to have a constant supply of gas through a manifold system that is usually located outside of their building. The manifold is normally supplied by two ‘banks’ of cylinders. one will be ‘in-use’ whilst the other is on ‘standby’.

When the ‘in-use’ bank runs out of gas the manifold system will either automatically change over and begin to use product from the other ‘bank’, or will need to be manually changed over.

It is imperative that operators are trained in the safe operation of their particular piped system and are aware of the consequences of not following approved standard operating procedures.

They need to undertake a weekly inspection of their system (in-line with Code of Practice 4 issued by the British Compressed Gases Association) and recognise the need to report any faults immediately to their supervisor.

Fixed piped systems usually fall under the scope of The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and operators must not use a piped system until a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) has been drawn up by a Competent Person.

Gas Safe regularly undertakes piped systems training for clients and we have recently revised our product offering and are now able to offer customers a highly interactive workshop that allows delegates to the opportunity to not only learn the correct safety practice, but also review their own procedures and revise them where necessary.

It you use piped systems please check that you have a the correct WSE’s in place as well as standard operating procedures and ensure that all operators have been correctly trained. If you require any assistance please contact us.


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