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About Gas Safe Consultants Ltd

Gas Safe Consultants Ltd is committed to providing high quality, relevant and professional gas safety awareness training and consultancy.

We are the UK market leaders and provide services to a diverse range of companies and market sectors; our clients range from companies with a couple of gas users to multi site, multi-national conglomerates.

We were established in 1991 to fulfil the market requirement for specialised gas safety training and consultancy relating to the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of industrial, laboratory, cryogenic, medical and special gases.

Highly-Skilled Trainers

Our instructor-led training workshops are delivered by highly skilled, industry trained, experienced course directors. They focus delegates on the consequences of adopting poor working procedures when using gases and associated equipment.

We place great emphasis on the use of interactive and team-based learning modules within our workshops, which are designed to be both practical and thought provoking. We ensure that the number of delegates on our workshops is kept to optimum levels to allow for full participation and involvement.

Best Operating Practices

Our training shows gas users how to operate in line with best operating practices and in accordance with relevant Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and Legislation. Each gas safety training workshop allows participants the opportunity to benefit from knowledge sharing and from learning with individuals who have similar gas related experiences. All our workshops include graphic case studies of real incidents involving gases that resulted from poor working practices. This approach raises individual’s awareness of the hazards associated with the use of both compressed and liquefied gases and how to approach risk assessments in real world situations.

Market Leaders

In order to maintain our position as market leaders and serve our clients needs effectively, we continue to update existing workshops and introduce new workshops and methods of delivery in response to customer requirements. If you feel that you have specific requirements please contact us; we can tailor training to meet your needs.

If you want help deciding what content and method of gas safety training is right for you:

Call Sally Roberts on 01270 758890

Email Sally Roberts

Practical Training

Our range of practical workshops were developed to meet our clients needs to provide their employees with ‘hands-on’ gas safety awareness training, coupled with the provision of generic Standard Operating Procedures in workshop literature. In 2006 our range of practical workshops was further expanded to include welding processes such as MIG and TIG.

Refresher Workshops

We introduced refresher training workshops in 2007. These are designed to test a delegates retention of knowledge in an interactive manner. The delegate response papers facilitate self-assessment of knowledge retention, with the ability for managers to record individual performance


We launched a range of online gas safety training workshops in late 2006, which enabled candidates to learn about gas safety via e-Learning. We have continued to expand the product range, meaning it now provides gas safety training information suitable for users of medical, industrial, laboratory and cryogenic gases.


In addition to training many thousands of gas users per year, we also provide a wide range of consultancy services, including a full piped systems service. Consultancy work is now a major part of our business as clients make use of our extensive knowledge and resources to assist them with a wide range of gas projects, problems, accident investigations, installations etc.

“We hope you find our range of services comprehensive and trust it will help you to assess your organisation’s training and compliance needs in line with Health & Safety requirements.

We look forward to working with you to ensure that hazards within the workplace can be identified, risks correctly assessed and workable solutions found.”

Terry Broughton
Managing Director

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