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Safety with Piped Systems

Many organisations are reducing the risks of manual handling accidents involving large gas cylinders by installing piped systems in their workplace.

These systems allow facilities to have a constant supply of gas through a manifold system that is usually located outside of their building. The manifold is normally supplied by two ‘banks’ of cylinders. one will be ‘in-use’ whilst the other is on ‘standby’.

When the ‘in-use’ bank runs out of gas the manifold system will either automatically change over and begin to use product from the other ‘bank’, or will need to be manually changed over.

It is imperative that operators are trained in the safe operation of their particular piped system and are aware of the consequences of not following approved standard operating procedures.

They need to undertake a weekly inspection of their system (in-line with Code of Practice 4 issued by the British Compressed Gases Association) and recognise the need to report any faults immediately to their supervisor.

Fixed piped systems usually fall under the scope of The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and operators must not use a piped system until a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) has been drawn up by a Competent Person.

Gas Safe regularly undertakes piped systems training for clients and we have recently revised our product offering and are now able to offer customers a highly interactive workshop that allows delegates to the opportunity to not only learn the correct safety practice, but also review their own procedures and revise them where necessary.

It you use piped systems please check that you have a the correct WSE’s in place as well as standard operating procedures and ensure that all operators have been correctly trained. If you require any assistance please contact us.


Education is the key

Our broad range of clients has always included higher education establishments and now, as we complete our 27th year in business, we’re proud to say that we provide gas safety training to almost all of the UK’s Universities.

We continue to offer both online and traditional instructor-led training workshops.

Much of our on-site training is bespoke to meet the particular requirements of the customer.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs on 01270 758890 or


Celebrating A Milestone

As the UK’s leading provider of gas safety training and consultancy, we often have much to celebrate.

2016 marked our 25th year in business, but was also the first year during which we delivered over 1,000 instructor-led training events at customers’ sites. 

We would like to thank all our clients, trainers and staff for their on-going commitment to increasing safety awareness relating to the use, handling and storage of compressed and liquefied gases.


Our ‘Gas Safe’ Football Team

During the summer of 2017 we started sponsoring Stockton Town FC’s U14 Girls team.

At that time they were in the process of recruiting some new players to augment the already strong squad, a process that went well and resulted in an improved team as a whole.

The 2017/18 season progressed excellently, with many wins in the Girl’s League and indeed in the Boy’s League, which the girls team play in too – no mean feat!

Well done to all the players, coaches, their parents etc, we look forward to continuing to share in your triumphs.



Welding Safety Training

An increasing number of our clients are becoming aware that just because a person can weld, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have been formally trained to safely and correctly use the gases and equipment concerned.

We offer a broad range of training courses – theory and practical – to meet the varying needs of all individuals who using welding / cutting / burning equipment…

A broad range of clients

This week we’re proud to be providing training to our usual mixture of clients, all using compressed gases and/or cryogenic liquids for a variety of reasons.

Clients this week include two universities, two pharmaceutical companies, a market-leading special effects company, a precious metals recovery company, an oil exploration company, a construction equipment manufacturer, a facilities management company and two aerospace/defence companies.

If you use compressed gas, we can help you too…

Abrasive Wheels Training

Many of our clients, who have received gas safety training also use abrasive wheels and grinding discs for various operations on their sites.

Conscious of the high quality training workshops that we have delivered for them a number of our clients have now approached us to train their operators in the safe use of abrasive wheels.

Our Technical Associates have recently undertaken extensive training and are now able to instruct operators.

During the recent photoshoot at Wolverhampton we took the opportunity to take images that will form the basis of our new abrasive wheels safety workshop.

We are working hard to have this workshop available for clients in early November.

If you use abrasive wheels and/or hand held grinders and would like help training your operators in how to use them safely them please call us on 01270 728890 or contact us using this link.

Major clients tap into our technical expertise

As the UK’s leader in gas safety we have, over the past 25 years, built a considerable reputation for high quality training workshops that are delivered by professional associates who ensure that clients training needs and objectives are met.

Two of our associates have extensive knowledge of welding processes and were previously employed by the UK’s leading supplier of gases as Technical Welding Specialists.

Whilst we have delivered a range of welding workshops over the years we are now being asked by our clients to assist them in finding solutions to their welding issues.

A number of clients have recently consulted with us regarding the most effective way for their operators to braze aluminium and copper tape ‘out in the field’.

Our technical associates have established the correct gases for the applications as well as the best rods and torches that will enable operators to undertake brazing operations in some ‘testing’ locations.

To enable our associates to effectively train the delegates we have recently undertaken a comprehensive photo-shoot at BOC’s Technical Centre in Wolverhampton using the experienced photographer Dave Peters.

Over the course of the session he took 1000 images which we are now reviewing and using to populate a very practical, hands-on, interactive training package.

If you have any welding/brazing issues or you require some assistance in improving the skill levels of your operator please contact us on 01270 728890 or contact us using this link.

Drinks Dispense Training

Over the past 24 years Gas Safe Consultants have provided high quality professional safety training to a wide range of industrial, speciality, cryogenic and medical gas users.

Over that time we have built up a reputation for technical expertise, consultancy skills and innovation. Our associates provide highly interactive workshops in a relaxed style that allows delegates to not only learn but also to enjoy the experience.

In order to expand and extend our product offering we are now working in collaboration with Gas-Con. Simon Fisher the MD of Gas-Con has extensive knowledge of the licensing trade and is an industry expert on drinks dispense. Through his organisation we are now able to offer cellar training, beer dispense training and Confined Spaces Risk Assessment for the licensed trade.

Both Gas Safe and Gas-Con are full members of the BCGA and all training and consultancy is in accordance with BGCA codes of practice.

Through Gas-Con we also have an association with the BFBi as Simon is also the Chairman of the BFBi’s Gas Suppliers and Installers Committee ensuring all training is in accordance with the very best practice in the industry.

For further information call us on 01270 728890 or contact us using this link.

LPG Training

LPG is a very versatile gas that is found in both industrial and domestic situations.

It is supplied in a variety of cylinder sizes from 4-47kg.

At Gas Safe we’re aware of the need to provide users of propane with specific, focused LPG training.

Our LPG training package is designed so that it can be adapted to suit a client’s specific application. Whether you’re using LPG for heating, shrink wrapping, fork lift trucks, bitumen boilers or hot boxes our LPG training will meet your needs.

We have invested in specific LPG photo-shoots and have visited numerous sites where LPG cylinders are used to take bespoke and relevant photographs. Consequently our LPG training packages illustrate correct operating procedures with high quality graphics.

In order to meet client’s training requirements our LPG training can be delivered either by face-to-face training with one of our industry experienced trainers or via the internet using our highly successful e-Learning site.

So, if you are able to get your staff together for half a day we can come to you, present the workshop and review your working practices and equipment. Or, if you have operators at a number of sites, or if your staff travel between jobs we can offer them a flexible approach to LPG training via our computer based package.

If you use propane cylinders and would like to discuss our LPG training packages and the options available please contact Sally Roberts on 01270 758890.

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